On 4th of December, Anette Jahnke, Senior lecturer at Gothenburg university & project leader at Ifous, and Åsa Hirsh, Associate professor Gothenburg university, will speak on the subject during ResearchED in Haninge. Their lecture is based and the work during the RnD program Lärares praktik och profession.


The fact that school improvement work should be initiated ”from below” and that teachers themselves are the ones who know best which areas of improvement are most central to address has been discussed frequently in recent years. At the same time, both school authorities and researchers seem to have an idea of what kind of improvement areas are actually ”the right ones”. This session describes a three-year research project where 200 teachers worked to develop aspects of teaching with the help of action research. In the project, the choice of problem area was entirely in the hands of the teachers. Which problem areas were chosen and why? Based on that, we want to call for reflection on whose agenda actually has priority and whether it is possible to find a balance.

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