Ifous is an independent research institute dedicated to advancing education in Sweden. Ifous is run as a non-profit association with founding members: Sweden’s Association of Local Authorities and Regions, the Swedish Association of Independent Schools, and the Swedish National Association of Independent and NonProfit Schools.

Ifous strives to be a national platform for research and development in schools, providing support for the development of education that is based on scientific foundations and proven experience. Its supporting members, which include school providers, are encouraged to engage in research and development projects conducted in collaboration with universities throughout Sweden using a participatory approach.

In addition, Ifous hosts the Swedish Edtest, a national testbed for learning resources. This platform brings together educators and edtech companies to strengthen teachers’ digital skills while contributing to the development of better digital resources.
With its commitment to advancing education in Sweden, Ifous is an essential organization for anyone interested in improving schools in collaboration with others.